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    Hi everybody, I havenΒ΄t played for a loooong time, maybe 2 years or something. Back then I often fielded a 4-3-3 with an attacking play coming from the wings, is this still a good way to win games or did they nerf it? IΒ΄ve won many games with a goal difference of 4 and more using this tactic.
    Greetings, Megaforce

  • @Megaforce13
    Hi Mate, welcome to OSM again.
    In my opinion,yes 4-3-3 is still a good formation I playing from wings. In this OSM, players are more important than tactics, if you have good players you will win most of the matches. Be very active in transfer list, complete your positions with good players, and you will succed.
    I hope I helped you.

  • If you use a 3ATB formation, then I'd recommend using the offside trap since it is easier to execute with less defenders.

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    Hey everyone,

    I have a many good attackers 100+ playing Everton, but they don't score that often. I am wondering what's wrong with my tactic. I'm playing 4-3-3 A (or B, depending on my opponent). With wide style.
    My mid and defenders are also very good, actually I have the most valuable team in the league, but beating Hull city only 3-0 sounds weird to me.

    What do you guys think about?

  • @Chaz-Like

    Hmm. Sampdoria are my main team. We're second in Serie A.

    So far I have been quite successful with a 4-4-2 formation with a passing game. With my other team, Hull City (not on your same server) 4-2-3-1 didn't work well at all. Then I switched to 4-4-2 and they're now doing well.

    So my advice is simple; try switching to a 4-4-2 formation, with passing tactics instead of wing play. Build up a solid system like that and then start tinkering with it.

    My Hull City are now 8th with those tactics.

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    Thanks for your comment. I am actually 2nd with Everton and the team is doing well. I played 4-2-3-1 at the beginning then switched to 4-4-2 and now i'm playing 4-3-3.
    Like I said my strikers are 100+ (the best of the league). My Mid are 100+ also (same the best). 2 of my defs are 100+, the rest are 93+. And my GK are 100+

    The problem is I think I can score more than 3 goals against Hull City.

  • @Stevie-McSteveSteve Do you play 4-4-2 A or 4-4-2 B ?

  • I am kind of struggling now, seems like my old formations and tactics are not as efficient anymore. Anyone know any good formation or any tips?

    Even the King needs help haha. πŸ˜„

  • @Chaz-Like You're welcome. πŸ™‚

    @mr.smurf_NL I use the standard, non-diamond formation.

  • @Hespera

    what works ok with 3-5-2?

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    Hello everyone, yesterday I played in a cup final and lost. It was quite frustrating. The thing is the opposite side was much weaker side than me, so I wonder how did he win?
    It is clearly due to tactics, so it's a little strange.
    I played 433A PW attacking, and he played 334B Passing.
    3_1478931834907_Screen Shot 11-12-16 at 08.14 AM 001.PNG 2_1478931834907_Screen Shot 11-12-16 at 08.13 AM.PNG 1_1478931834907_Screen Shot 11-12-16 at 08.13 AM 001.PNG 0_1478931834906_Screen Shot 11-12-16 at 08.11 AM.PNG

    My tactics:
    0_1478931908735_Screen Shot 11-12-16 at 08.10 AM.PNG
    His tactics:
    0_1478931956468_Screen Shot 11-12-16 at 08.21 AM.PNG

    My squad:
    0_1478932330751_Screen Shot 11-12-16 at 08.27 AM.PNG
    0_1478932137936_Screen Shot 11-12-16 at 08.15 AM 001.PNG
    0_1478932178409_Screen Shot 11-12-16 at 08.27 AM 001.PNG

    His squad:
    1_1478932389945_Screen Shot 11-12-16 at 08.27 AM 002.PNG 0_1478932389945_Screen Shot 11-12-16 at 08.27 AM 003.PNG

  • @bekfri4

    He has used a better tactic than yours πŸ™‚ Even bad teams can win good teams. Always,remember that πŸ˜‰

  • French Users

    @CiroLuigi I don't think your comment helps bekfri to understand how his tactics failed.

    @bekfri4 I think you went too aggressive regarding the ref. You took a red card very early in the game. But yes, looking at your team, it's quite hard to understand what failed for you.

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    @CiroLuigi said in Strategy Room:


    He has used a better tactic than yours πŸ™‚ Even bad teams can win good teams. Always,remember that πŸ˜‰

    Yes, obviously he used a better tactics, but it's the first time I see 433PW fails agains 334B. I mean his defence would be a mess, and his midfield is much weaker than mine. And no one can play 334 and contain would they?

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    Thanks for a reply.
    Yes I also thought that way. But in many previous games I was losing a game with fewer men, but still managed to win in the end. So I thought it shouldn't affect the game too much. Maybe it's related to the last patches?
    Also he had a better posession than me with ball being like 25% 50% 25%.

    I have seen that 4231 or 451 formation naturally counters 433, but I don't remember 334 winning 443, he didn't even use 25% training boost.
    In real life a weaker team like Malaga playing against Real Madrid 334 formation and winning would be very strange to say the least. That's why it surprised me.

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    @bekfri4 I understand and share your frustation.
    I have 3 105+ strikers (Lukaku, Williams and Suarez) at Everton and they scored one goal out of 18 shots against a team with a 82 GK. While Giroud (90) at Arsenal scores 5 goals in a game.

    I don't understand the game sometimes. And I wish someone can explain me what I have to change to make my team performs better.

  • Above which defensive level is convenient to set an attacker to drop deep?

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    @scarle4 I'd only do that if I'm going ultra-defensive, or maybe if I instructed my players to make a lot of pressure on the ball (with 3 attackers, or 2 attackers depending on opponent's formation)

    @bekfri4 Your defender Ramos got a red card in 7th minute so you played with 3 defenders only, while they had 4 attackers. That could never end up well πŸ˜•