• Hallo,

    Waardoor komt het dat mijn app op de iPhone aangeeft dat mijn volgende wedstrijd begint over 2 uur en 40 min en mijn pc 26 uur en 40 min ?

    Bedoelen ze op de app misschien de volgende dag?

    Echter staat het zeer vervelend, brengt je in verwarring.

    Gr Despa.

  • Hi @despa93_NL ,

    It looks like you are in the preparation phase (pre-season) of the competition you joined. If I look on my own iPhone on my S3 account I experience the same. It's mentioning that the match starts this evening. On my desktop it's mentioning it's over 2 days.

    It's confusing indeed, and looks like bug in the application. I'm pretty sure about saying that your computer is right.

    For your information @despa93_NL , this part of the forum is English only. As long as you write in English they will try to help you. For Dutch support you can go to the following url: https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.nl/category/30/category-30

    @ support moderators of this forum. As this looks like a bug, can you please leave this topic open for a few hours. I will fill in the report and add some screenshots for you. I don't have time right now.

  • Note: I know this is the English support, but my account is on the Dutch version.

    Login: Vertrigo
    Account: Slot 4
    League number: http://www.onlinesoccermanager.nl/League/Standings/4229153
    Date & Time of the bug: Found this out when checking on first of February 2017, around 4PM (GMT time)
    Platform: iPhone app
    Screenshots: screenshots not fullscreen. Competition is a crewchampionship. If needed, contact me by pm for fullscreen screenshots.
    iPhone: alt text

    alt text
    Bug step-by-step Description: After joining a competition that is in pre-season mode, it looks like the next match will be played during the pre-season period. According to the pc it isn't (which is the correct one).

    App Version: 4.1.8
    Brand/type device: iPhone 6
    OS version: 10.2.1

  • @Vertrigo_NL No problem, thanks for filling in the report.

  • This has been fixed already, so the topic can be closed.