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    In my league 3 players is always offline from league starts.How can the players throw in the league or how can i be a moderator

  • @evrim1162 Hello mate ☺

    You can be a league's moderator only if you choose to use part of your Boss coins to create your own new league from scratch.
    And only then you get the tools to kick out of your own league any manager that is inactive for more than 3 days/rounds. If OSM is the creator of your league then you cannot throw out any manager at all.

    And these are the options that each manager has while deciding how to start with a new league :

    Every manager has 3 options whenever he/she wants to start with a new league. I will use as my example the English League cause it's one of the most popular and most expensive due to the big amount of clubs involved.

    You can either spend 200 boss coins - if you are in a hurry and wanna choose a specific club to manage and OSM ( computer ) will be the new league's moderator. Or...
    You can spend 400 boss coins - and create your own league from scratch and you can be the moderator and invite your own friends and choose your own settings for your game etc. Or...
    You can spend no boss coins at all - but all you'll need is some patience and a good research at the total existing leagues , created from OSM or other managers.
    How we do the research for a new league. Attention! It is advised to use the browser version for this task :

    1. http://prnt.sc/dog13x

    2. http://prnt.sc/dog49n

    3. http://prnt.sc/dogavn

    This last pic was just an example. The results of your research may differ from one day to another, cause new leagues are being created all the time and you`d better avoid choosing your brand new league close to OSM simulation's times so that you won't miss any preparation day.