[Crews] Crew Recruitment

  • Looking for crew. (Only Top 30)
    If interested pm.

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    Old-established and experienced OSM managers have decided to found a new, German-speaking crew in which experience and exchange will play a major role and take center stage.

    We offer:

    Assistance with all tactical questions

    Assistance with team building

    Support and further training of younger players

    Help with questions about OSM

    Respectful interaction with each other

    Internal forum at Discord with all aspects of the game

    What do we expect?

    Active and enthusiastic players who are as OSM crazy as we are.

    Reliability of every player

    Have already played at least 100 games

    Mandatory participation in regular battle against other crews

    Have at least one free account for the crew

    Accession to Discord for internal exchange

    Full recognition of the GB GTC (in particular point 2) https://de.onlinesoccermanager.com/Terms

    We have decided to choose Discord as our exchange platform because OSM no longer has a crew forum or crew chat and will probably not be able to do so in the near future.

    If you like our crew and the mentioned requirements and would like to develop yourself further, please write an application via PN to me, respectively to

    RudiA. https://de.onlinesoccermanager.com/Users/541053022/Profile

    or via Discord: General Blücher#6478

    Thank you very much for your attention

  • @eurobasket2011 Hello mate are you still looking for a crew?

  • Hey,

    The Undesirable Cobras are looking for managers:
    Who want to join our crew
    Playing battles
    We have an English-language crew chat (discord)
    Contact : @Wzzlz7

  • Hello Everyone Crew GDA Gladiators of America are looking for 2 managers ready to play with us, active and good managers need ASAP for forum Battles and app ones to.

    Rules : WhatsApp number
    Slot for battels
    Good Learner

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