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  • @upi-ucul I would go with a counter 4-5-1 SOS

  • Hey how to beat Manchester United 4-4-2 A with wing play, man marking and offside trap on. My team is West Ham with
    Asensio-92, Antonio-89, Ayew-88, Arnautovic-86, Azmoun-81,
    Lanzini-88, Kouyate-83, Noble-82, Benassi-80, Obiang-80, Fernandes-77, Haksabanovic-70
    Gaya-88, Conti-87, Fonte-82, Sessegnon-83, Maksimovic-81, Masuaku-77
    Hart-91, Areola-87

    alt text

  • Hello guys, I have some general questions:

    1. Which tactic is better to beat a team which is 4 times better than my team using 4-4-2B, Passing game,Zonal Marking and Offside Trap ON. 4-5-1 SOS with deffensive tactics, 4-2-3-1 SOS with deffensive tactics or 6-3-1A SOS? In my opinion 4-5-1 is better for away games and 4-2-3-1 for home games..I tested 6-3-1A only in friendlies where I managed to win against top teams but I'm not feeling confident to use it in competitive games.
    2. The same question but for a team which uses 4-3-3B, Passing game, Man to Man, Offside Trap NO.

    I think the main factor I should look at when deciding which formation and style of play should I use for the next match is to look at his formation and style of play. Of course the line tactics, style of marking and offside trap are important but not so much as his main tactics especially when I face a team which is 4 or 5 times bigger in value than my team.


  • @iordachescualex depence on where you play home or away.try 451 sos defence stay mid push forward attack suport mid zonal no offside procente 29/29/79.i get a lot wins from that tactics and some of my friends use it very often.if you try let me know the result

  • pouloulou

  • How can i counter 442b passing game?

  • How to defend against an attacking 4-3-3, wing-play, zonal marking team as a rather weaker side?

  • Hello all, I am wondering how you guys know about which tactic works against certain other tactics? Like, is there a way for me to find out what works well against what beside reading this forum everyday? I'm currently trying to mimic other players and the formations they used that won them games against certain formations, but I would like to get a bit of an understanding as to why something works instead of blatantly copying... Hope you guys can give me some direction ! 🙂

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    Hello mate,
    that's a good question you made....the only way to find out which tactic works against an other tactic, is to play with them many times...that isn't possible, cause no one used those tactics for so long...maybe once or twice, but this give you only an idea of the tactic...most tactics that has been given here are completely a guessing ....

    If you want to check a tactic you must play with that tactic many times, against many other tactics..imagine how many games you have to play, and how many different changes/adjusts you can make to your tactics and you can understand how many managers from here, are posting something valuable...

    ...and, after all this effort to find a good tactic, would you reveal them to other managers so easy ?

  • @de-xrist Haha good point! Thanks for the answer, I'm gonna keep on grinding! 🙂

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    @clinton-okpara-osita said in How to beat Chelsea?:

    Chelsea is the hardest in my league and I am playing that team next, I need advice on how to beat him

  • How to against 3-3-2-2 passing ??

  • I'm ashamed to admit it, but after 6 months of playing OSM I still don't know how to play against this:

    Shoot on sight 4-5-1

    Please help!

  • I should add the opponent's team is less valuable than mine, and I'm willing to draw, but he could play a training camp... I cannot afford to lose!

  • @obfuscator
    try 4-4-2B wing play, man marking, offside trap YES. The rest settings are up to you.

  • Thanks, @scarle4!
    In general, when someone uses Shoot on Sight, where are their players striking from -- far in the midfield? Does that mean I should also use more midfielders (4-5-1 or 3-5-2)? Or should I use more defenders (5-4-1, 6-3-1)? Maybe 6-3-1 to try to draw?

  • @obfuscator said in Tactics Requests:

    Thanks, @scarle4!
    In general, when someone uses Shoot on Sight, where are their players striking from -- far in the midfield? Does that mean I should also use more midfielders (4-5-1 or 3-5-2)? Or should I use more defenders (5-4-1, 6-3-1)? Maybe 6-3-1 to try to draw?

    well this is a important matter in deed. This is also something I do not posses. I guess that in most cases when someone uses SOS, he ordered his attackers to attack only or more rarely to support mildfield...In both cases, I would play with zonal marking, however if my opponent has 2 or 3 attackers, I would go with man marking. In any case this is something we have to experiment and you should't take it for granted.

  • How do I counter 3-4-3 Passing Game?

  • @elvisk44 try4321sos mtm offside no aggresive,defence stay mid push forward attack suport mid.29/39/79.good luck,if you use my tactics let me know the result.just won the game with that tactics.🙋🙋

  • HI!

    I'm playing against a 4-3-3 team building up from the back...
    What tactic should I use?!