Match delayed+Moral keeps decreasing

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    I started a league to play with 15 of my friends yesterday, So i saw the match on my android app "Match in play" and on my friends phone witch is IOS app it says " Match delayed "

    I Understand whats happening from other Posts about the problems u had on the servers But ...

    We notice that the " player Morals " are decreasing for some reason. so can i know why ?

    is there a problem that i dont know about the delay ?
    How come the players moral is going down slowly without playing ?

    moderator name and league number


    League Number

    i wish i get Help ASAP

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    @Agshar1 And our league server is " Carlos "

  • Moral is going down, because every player would like to play in the field.
    So if you want to keep the moral of all players high, then you need give all players the chance to play.

    Sometimes it can happen that matches are delayed, when servers are running slow.