World Domination percentage decreased.

  • English Users

    My World Domination percentage has decreased today. It was 4% or 5% but is now 3%....

    Login: The Rid
    Account: All
    League number: N/A
    Date & Time of the bug: 09th February - noticed the problem at 03.30pm.
    Platform: Website PC and i-Phone
    Screenshots: I cannot upload a photo - sorry.
    Bug step-by-step Description: When I check my progress my 'World Domination' is only 3%. I have won leagues in England, France, Germany and Spain as well as one of the Euro Leagues and one of the Nostalgia Leagues. Why has the percentage decreased??


  • Hi,

    We had Germany league deactivated for some time, and since that was one of the leagues where you already played and reached goal, the leagues that count for WD decreased.

    We reactivated it and soon all should be normal!