Suggestion about ''Next season''

  • Now when you continue your league everyone who was invited for the previous season can enter the next season without an invitation. It's good because you don't need to send invitations again, but at the same time it's stupid.
    For example now I am playing a league on my main account with managers from Serbia. Managers are very interested, there are 10-15 requests more than available clubs. And guess what? Some managers resign after 3 or 4 rounds...And now they can enter my next league and again resign after 3 rounds? It's stupid. I don't want such people in my leagues.
    There must be some way to block certain managers for next seasons.
    I remember in the odl version, on the end of a season you could remove managers you want from the list for the next season, so why not to make something similar on this version?

  • I will give and a example from my league.

    This manager was 3. place (he is playing with goal 4) in a full, very active and hard league.

    From the beginning he was constantly on 1. or 2. place.
    Now he played 3 bad games...
    ...and he resigned. (He was goal 4 and on 3. place)
    If I could I would bann such managers.

    And now he can enter my next season...It's stupid.

  • I don't understand your point. Why shouldn't he? Please clarify 🙊

  • First of all it's my private league. I invest my money/coins so I should be able to decide who will play in my league and who not. We all know the difference between private and public.

    I hatte managers who resign after 2 or 3 bad games. They can ruine the entire season. Imagine somebody choose RealM or Barcelona, it's very hard to find them free, and he resign after few games. After that of course nobody will take this clubs. Also I get much more manager points for beating a manager than a computer. Also I have to reject 15-20 people who want play in my league, and then such managers take their place.
    Something like that existed in the old version, so why not and here?

  • If a manager resigns from a private league, it's not possible for them to join next league without approval.
    Unless you have a open league next season of course.