Concerning cheaters reports

  • French Users

    Hi guys,
    I reported around one week ago a player for trades which made me suspicious and activated this report. But, since this day, I still don't have any answer from the support.
    So would I get noticed when the report will be studied, even though the support can't do anything for me ? (This man is indeed one of these guys who sell players 150% to 200% the price they bought them in few minutes, and even though it seems to me quite unfair, OSM seems to be very tolerant about this abnormal use of the trades)
    Thanks 😉

  • English Moderator

    Mate, he said he confirmed the report.

  • English Moderator

    Buying players in low prices and selling them in high prices doesn't make a manager a cheater.
    And all reports are taking care from our staff members, as soon as possible.