Invite Friends Reward Problem

  • Good Morning Community,

    I have some problems in invite friends rewards! i send for mobile message de link to my friends sign in OSM and play with me in my league. The reward price is 50coins/friend, but i don't receive any of this coins.

    If you can help me with this problem, i would enjoy!
    Sorry for my bad English.

    Hélio Jaco,
    Good Luck for all players

  • @Hélio-Jaco Hi mate,

    In order to receive the reward for inviting friends they need to join OSM via the link they got from you. If they join it differently, you won't receive any reward.

  • @Lirind but i do that! they open my link to download the game, and after that, i dont have any reward.

  • administrators

    Beside download the app with your link, they need to create an account following your link and join a league!


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