• Hello. Please I would like OSM to do something about this.
    I just can't comprehend how a team will dominate another team in a match and still lose.
    for example, in a match where team A had 20 shots and scored 2 goals and team B had 10 shots on target and team B ends up picking the 3 points.
    or in a situation of ball possession where a team has 70% possession and still loses the match.
    I also think the home advantage feature doesn't count sometimes for big teams against small teams where the big team gets a red card and still lose the game. please OSM should look into this cos its frustrating some managers

  • That's reality, it seems unfair.. but it is also happening in real matches.

  • English Moderator

    @Louis-Van-Gaal75 Hi, welcome.
    Those things can happen and there's no bug in it, so this can be closed.


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