Report Cheating - "Report as Cheater" option not working

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for your help with this. I tried sending this through the "Report as Cheater" option on the Manager in question's page, but there was an error with my report and it wouldn't submit...

    This involves the Manager of Sunderland and the Manager of Chelsea in our current League. Just in the last few days the following transfers have happened:

    Cavani from Chelsea to Sunderland - value 21.84, price 19.56
    Matic from Chelsea to Sunderland - value 18.83, price 21.74
    Larsson from Sunderland to Chelsea - value 9.67, price 18.98

    Sunderland GOT $41m in value for (only) $41m, when almost all teams transfer players at least at 2x their value ($82m).

    And with the Larsson transfer Sunderland SOLD $9.5m in value for $19m.

    Taken all together, Sunderland paid a net of $20m for $30m in value.

    Again, thanks very much for looking in to this.


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    Cheating isn't to discussed on an open forum. Try to clean your cache and cookies, and try to report the manager you want again.