• Turkish Users

    Today, after one of my match which was a cup final match, has been completed, I got in the game to see the result. Then, the game said I completed a challenge because of me winning the cup for 10th time and it was supposed to give me 400 Boss Coins. When I clicked to claim the coins, the game crashed saying there was a problem. Afterwards, I got in the game again and the coins weren't delivered. It looks like I haven't completed the challange on the achievement menu but the bar is full and I already completed it, but there is no where to click to claim the coins. I want my 400 Boss Coins.

  • We're investigating this problem with achievements!

    We're able to track back if you are eligible to claim this achievement, so don't worry if it takes some time for us to help you!

    If your problem isn't fixed in a couple weeks, please report it back. We'll try to minimise as much as possible the time to fix it!