LIGA Venezuelana

  • Boa noite,

    Estava criar uma liga, Venezuelana, no entanto cobraram 360 fichas e não foi criad a tal liga. Bloqueiou e não foi possível criar..

  • @BigJaFoste Hi mate

    This is International Version and you should post only in English. For Spanish forums, please log out from forums and log back in. If you're still not able to see them, select the groups option on header, search for Spanish Users group and join it.

  • Hi there,
    Well, it was actually portuguese... 🙂
    My issue is that i was trying to create a new league (Venezuela) and when i pressed to confirm, the app freezed and nothing happened, so i had to close the app and open it again, but when i got in again i realise that it charged me 360 coins but didn't created the league..
    Now i just want my 360 coins back.
    Can anyone please heelp?

  • Can someone please reply??