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    So basicly i reported a bug a few days ago. And up to this moment what was done about it ? NOTHING
    Let me be very clear - I CANT BUY PLAYERS
    U put in the system that asks 1 token per player
    But my achievments are bugged. And i cant get my tokens.
    But u see im in charge of 3 clubs. Through the normal ways of 6 h/1t i cant do anything.
    And i have over 500 tokens bugged.
    In any srs company bugs would be fixed as soon as possible when they are about ur main currency in the game. But nope, not here. Great job. REALY great job

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    I'm sorry, but you have to understand that not all bugs can be removed on the same day that the bug is known. This can sometimes take ahwile. That's why there is that central topic where you posted what achievements you were missing. Now all we can do is wait until Gamebasics fixes the bug and can hand out the missing Bosscoins.

    The reason why no one has made a respons to your post there is because the staff can't help you at the moment as there is nothing else we can do about it. It's now in the hands of the bug fixers to fix te bug.

    So please be patient until the bug is fixed.

    Actually you can buy players from the transferlist as you get 4 free Bosscoins every day (1 Bosscoin per 6 hours). All you have to do is click on that message that you get on your screen if there are free Bosscoins to collect.

  • @Zoka555 Hi, welcome.
    As I also already responded in the central achievement bug topic, it al comes down to patience now.
    It's a known issue, that's why there is a central topic in the first place and also to keep the forum more clear for other problems.
    Some things are just not that easy to fix, so all you can do is wait till it's fixed.