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    Hi guys

    I'm Arlind from Kosovo and I want to ask Administrators something about Kosovo and banned IP.
    I know that albanian IPs are banned for so long now but why you not remove ban?
    Now even that Kosovo accepted in UEFA and FIFA, i think is a strong reason.
    Also i want to request for leauge of Kosovo. We are a lot of managers of Kosovo here and we can help you for teams, pleayers and stuff.
    I want understanding from staff and answer from OSM.


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    i'm waiting for answers

  • Hi, welcome.
    The request to add Kosovo has already forwarded to GB and when/if they agree they will implement it.

    It's a decision took by gamebasics some years ago to block the game for majority of ALbanian IPS due to excessive fraud and cheating from albanian users
    it's a company policy and won't be changed in short term.