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    مساء الفل ، ايه حصل ؟ المفروض 1000 صفحة مش 1000 مشاركة ، ولا القوانين تغيرت ؟

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  • RE: دوري نـجوم المنتديات الموسـم الـ 15 | نقــآش

    وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

    بطولة الكأس :x: : اقترح الغائها ليتكافئ الجميع من ناحية لياقة الاعبين .

    معسكرات التدريب :x: : اقترح الغائها للحفاظ على النزاهة ، و كذالكـ بسبب قلة الكوينز عند الأغلبية .

    التدريبات السرية :white_check_mark: : اقترح ابقائها مفتوحة

    المؤقتات :x: : طبعاً اقترح الغائها لعدم تكافئ الفرص .

    وعندي اقتراح اخر ، اصحاب الاهداف الاولى تمنعوهم من الانتقالات مثلا لـ 8 أيام والاهداف الثالية 6 أيام وهكذا ... لإعطاء الفرصة للأهداف الأخيرة .

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  • RE: STSL İlhan Cavcav Sezonu (2017-2018)

    @bayram-karakuş Rıza Çalımbay dan mı, yoksa takımdanmı ümitsizsin?

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  • RE: Community/global Non Official Events advertisement

    @specialone said in Community/global Non Official Events advertisement:

    This will be my last answer on this topic, if you still have doubts, please read back and carefully my previous posts!

    If by active topics you guys mean a topic full of screenshots, good luck and complaints about breaking rules, then I prefer not to have active topics.

    ... but every day I see the same 20 or 30 people posting something. You (all the authorities in OSM) should figure out how to bring new people here, this problem exists already for 2 or 3 years.

    And we're not sleeping on this side.... OSM is not a game made up for those 20/30, as you said it's for 5M (I would love that we had 5Million daily users, would be really nice, maybe your source can make that happen)
    It's true that forum users and forum activity are decreasing on past years but what you didn't said is why you suspect that happened... I've some reasons, because I do read ;), being one the fact that all new forumers just stop logging on forums because everytime they open a forum page, they only see events, crews, events, competitions, crews..... And when they create a topic to know a bit about the game, to discuss some feature, their posts is sent to 2nd page hidden in the middle of the screenshots topics and they just stop showing on forums and then they ask their doubts by mail to support...
    We've been trying for quite some time to change this without denying these topics to be created, but seems that as someone said in this topic, OSM users don't read neither learn, so we went radical.... let's see how it goes. It may work and it may not work... only time will tell!

    About changes on the game, competitions, crews.... again, we're not sleeping in here... things doesn't happen overnight, but they happen... just stay tuned!

    About the new category... well, this option was/is still open, but at this moment is just ignore the problem and move it to another place.
    When our users decide to learn what's the main purpose of OSM forums, then maybe we can have a category only for events/competitions.

    As a last note: This 'policy'/decision is only to be implemented on English/global forums. Every single Community Manager is free to allow these topics on their communities, as long as they keep some space for OSM topics!

    Sorry for going a little bit off topic, but do you still think it's better now? Just interested ;)

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    Przy gorszym składzie na wyjeździe nie polecałbym 433. 451 jak piszesz,ewentualnie 4231 lub 541 powinno dać radę,wszystko zależy od rywala i tego czy dobrze ustawisz suwaki ;)

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    @huzar-shakir dziękować , będę się stosował 😁 jeszcze jedno pytanko , w przypadku różnicy przykładowo ok 100 mln wartości na moją niekorzyść , meczu na wyjeździe i formacji 4-4-2 B warto próbować 4-3-3 ? Bo miałem tak na początku sezonu z Borussia i zagrałem 4-5-1 , minimalna porażka 0:1 , podobnie niedawno w Anglii gdzie jakimś cudem sięgnąłem po mistrzostwo Leicester City ale z Liverpoolem wyjazdu również nie dałem rady wygrać 4-5-1

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  • RE: Indywidualne Mistrzostwa Polski 2017

    Była zbyt czytelna :D :tropical_drink:

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