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    Thursday - "Wow, good news i love it! Best weekend event" πŸ˜„
    Weekend - "Worst weekend event" 😞

    I understand those managers who are in a competition with other active managers and all of them want to make profit with buy and sell. Maybe it's work better with a "2 hours scout" combo for you all.
    Transfers event seems the most popular event in OSM and some managers keep criticizing Gamebasics, it's funny.

  • The other suggestion I can make is to increase players brought by scout from 3 to 6 players during this event. So this event becomes a real advantage.

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    This is an unnormal action. Anyone who has built a team through long rounds can now just watch. The advantage of team building is lost in 2 days. Long live the coins war and the idiot ideas.

  • I have 147m and not got a line up for FMSπŸ˜‚ great work. More players needed on the transfer lists or speed up the scout. We all know GB loves Boss coins spend, speedy scout would make this better at the minute

  • @Markez17 Unfortunately, I can only say, that everyone will try to poke someone somewhere, no one can please everybody

  • Dear Managers,

    In the early phases of the WCC (World Crew Championships), we were all still very passionate about the battles we fought against each other. Unfortunately, during the tournament it got increasingly more difficult because of restrictions that were put in place by Gamebasics. Furthermore, the increased number of events started to have an impact on the battles as well. We were hoping that things would get better, but the last few months things are especially becoming more awful. Many managers within our community are upset, and are desperately seeking ways to force a positive change. However, it appears that Gamebasics just doesn't care about us anymore, and are instead seeking more ways to leech more money from their users.

    Then we come to the WCC final. Something that should have been a memorizing battle, quickly turned into a disaster when the transfer frenzy event was announced. Quickly after it was announced we sought contact with FURIA to rearrange the battle, but they did not respond. We decided to wait and see how bad it would be, and as it turns out, this event is absolutely awful for battles. In order to stay competitive, you need to be awake every worker, and then have the luck that you can acquire a few players. Once again we reached out to FURIA to rearrange the battle as we find this something inhumane to do. Sadly, to our dissapointment, they again refused to rearrange. After discussing this internally, we, A Good Looking Imperium, have decided to resign from the WCC final. In our opinion, this event is the perfect example of when things are going too far, and we are not prepared to cross this line. If this is the way that FURIA wants to win, it is what it is. Not only classic battles are affected, but also any other competition that is somewhat competitive. In our eyes this is unacceptable.

    I would like to close with this: this game is supposed to be fun and rewarding. The last few months, it seems like Gamebasics is trying to take this away from our community. Don't just boo, but do something about it! If we all stand up together, we might have a chance. We will NOT give up our classic battles!

    Stay safe in these crazy times everyone!


    TheBestManagerNL - A Good Looking Imperium

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    Indeed, absolute DISASTER this event. Without the speedy scout, it just doesn't work. Either you need to add speedy scout, or you need to ensure that every engine 15-20 new players are added to the TL. OSM battles are turning into refresh battles.. who cares about who is the champion page refresher?

  • @Kingnilo_NL said in Promotions/Campaigns:

    Please stop this stupid event. The game is broken. You can’t buy players to sell.

    In that case I think it's not fair to complain.

    We need to manage the money to buy players to sell later.

    I like this event and think it makes sense. Nothing to do with stupid events like the legends one, in which you have to pay 100 coins for a player with <100 of overall.

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    In my opinion I consider this event to be a very good event. The only "less well" thing is the number of players that appear on the transfer list.

  • About this Event: Literally it is impossible to keep everyone pleased. GB can try and fail miserably, but GB will never succeed, because some manager just can’t be satisfied no matter what you do. They won’t be pleased because they either will simply find another problem or there may not even be a specific reason they can tell. So GB can't please all managers.

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    @Memphis-United_NL said in Promotions/Campaigns:

    Yeah this event is an absolute pain in the ass if you play in a fully occupied league with every manager refreshing the transfer list every single transfer worker.

    There appear only like 3 or 4 new players on the transfer list after each transfer round, so the transfer list is empty within seconds. Many managers can't buy anything and hence many mangers can't put any players on the transfer list. This makes no sense

    guys i fully understand your criticism. this event is better than the previous ones for sure but it is not perfect. however, adding the quick recruiter would be a very bad option. this would require coaches to use 150 corners per day to be competitive and build their workforce. it would be a despairing pay to win. You who fight against pay to win in the battles of the app, you have to stay consistent please. The only solution to make this event better would be to further garnish the list of transfers during the event so that all managers can recruit without having to be connected all day on the game.

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    150 coins*

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    @TheBestManagerNL I understand your team's decision and congratulations on it. Few have done it. With me you are the winners, FURIA and shame.πŸ‘ ⚽ ⚽ πŸŽ– πŸŽ–

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    @Markez17 said in Promotions/Campaigns:

    Maybe it's work better with a "2 hours scout" combo for you all

    ahah so everyone could complain that GB wants our coins πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„

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    Usually the transfer frenzy event consist on: Higher selling probability + Speedy scout. The current event is giving Higher selling probability + Being able to sell 6 player at once.
    That is, they both offer managers two special advantages managers can use. In this sense, I consider is fair to the event to stay like this and not to add speedy scout (Contrary to what many managers have requested above). Having the three advantages together in one single event just would be to broken an misproportioned.

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    P.D. Not to mention that the promotion also is offering the double BCs offer. In conclusion: Some managers just won't get pleased by any promotion event.

  • @gonzalo-mendia This is the english forum...

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    @Josemaldonado_1 It's true jaja. I'm mistaked 😬

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    Amen. It’s almost as if the people making decisions don’t play the game πŸ€”

  • I wish I had your problems guys πŸ˜„ Im trying to prepare my teams on slot 3 and 4 for winners cup but Im struggling to sell more players than usual πŸ™‚