Only non-european teams in transfers

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    I've seen in both leagues I'm playing right now that european teams are no longer buying players from the transfer windows. That is, if a manager tries to sell one of his players, the only way it is getting sold is if an asian or african or american team buys it.
    Is this an update? Has it something to do with the August 31 european transfer deadline?

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    That is my question too. Please someone answer

  • English Moderator


    Team that buy players from the transfer list are dependent on the league in which you play in. If you play in leagues where the teams have players rated 50-60 you hardly see the big European clubs buying from that league, hence you see teams from Asia and other lower leagues more active on the transfer list. But if you play in top leagues then these teams (in the top leagues) will be the most active on the transfer list.