• In my current universe (:p) I am managing Real Sociedad and currently I am on 2nd place after 27 matches, Real Madrid also collected same amount of points (72) but has better Gd.

    However games between us are in favor of my team (won at bernabeu, draw at home). I'd like to ask, if we both has same points, what will be the rules deciding on champion? Matches between two teams or goal difference?

  • @marmeladze

    Goal difference like IRL.

  • @marmeladze

    No it is not. It is contextual. I was not aware that La Liga is so.

    However, EPl is different -


    1. 2011-12 EPL, Manchester City and Manchester United: Manchester City won the title by having +8 goal difference.

    2. 1988-89 EPL, Arsenal and Liverpool: Arsenal won the league championship on goals-scored, after finishing level on points and goal-difference with Liverpool.

    As far as I know FIFA and the FA have different approaches, as probably do most major leagues.

    In a points based league competition it makes more sense to be on goal difference first rather than record against your nearest rival.

  • @hans-orf From one point of view yes, general goal difference makes sense. But considering results between two teams in case of equal points is not that nonsense. This regulation is also first priority in such cases, in group stages of major UEFA competitions (Champions League, European League).