A person is infiltrated in my private championship

  • Hello.
    In this early afternoon I started a tournament to play with friends. So I took care of all the guests because the group was obviously in private. When suddenly we see an illustrious unknown take place in the league.
    So I tried to expel him, except that is impossible because it is connected less than 3 days ago.
    he me contacted him to ask him to leave, he did not listen to me and then insulted me in his "Croatian" language.
    Then contacted me with a second account, I do not know if it is allowed or not but with that also he began to insult me ​​(contact me to see the insults./he said me "nick ta mére" et ce dans ma langue)
    So I would like to know if it is possible to him removed from the group, indeed it spoils a little delusion of "between friends" in addition to this we set rules, which is not likely to be respected, ( his choice of team does not already respect the rules.)
    besides, this is a vulgar person and I do not accept such behavior in the league.
    Thank you for your understanding, I hope to get an answer before the start of the league.(3 days)
    Niro Diaz

  • If you want proof you have to ask !
    Do not stay silent, 31 views 0 answers.
    I just want an answer, a solution and a sanction for this player named Pajaaaaa.
    I invited a dozen people to join us, and it would be sad that an illustrious incognito come to spoil our party to us all.
    In short this second message to announce that I wish a response that it positive or negative. And remember that I have proof if you want them just ask me.
    And sorry I'm French, English is not my strong point.

  • @NiroLeMagnifique who's make the league?
    I'm sure that the league maker not make the league private

  • It's me, but the league is in private, Pajaaaaa is the only unknown in our league0_1557917318982_IMG_0352.PNG

  • @nirolemagnifique Hi, welcome.
    Nice that you brought the attention to yourself this way.
    I would like to advice you to read our terms very carefully, when you play our game again.