I want to resign for My old club but it's already taken

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    Actually i want to sign for my old club. But it's already taken...last season when I joined the game.. I played wonderfully and won the league and Cup... But the contract was for only 1 season..and I did a lot of investments on my team... But now my old club is already taken...... And I couldn't sign to that club... So.. I just wanna know if I sign again for that club using boss coins.. Will my team be gone or it willl be there... Thats wht I wanna know.. If I will get my old team back then I will sign for my old club otherwise I won't sign for that club. So can anyone tell me... Will I get my team back or not.. As soon as possible.. Bcz I want to sign as soon as possible.. Thanks in advance.

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    Hello mate....you just found out that OSM is ONE season game...that means, that you can not continue with the exact same team you had...this championship is over....and everything starts from the beginning all over again....you can select new team, maybe the same , but not with the changes you made....