Can’t join my friend’s league or find my friend in friends list.

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    As I stated above I can’t join my friend’s league nor can I find their name in either chatting or friends. Whenever they send me an invite to become a manager at their league it just opens the game and shows me the club selection menu. My invites also don’t work for them, they can invite other friends tho and it works fine. Maybe its good to know that I’m on an IOS device and first made my account using my apple id in the app. Maybe this is the reason why I can’t join them.

  • Hi, welcome.

    That's because you both play on different versions of our game. You are playing World version. But there is also Dutch version for Benelux countries, on which your friends are playing.
    You both need to play the same version if you want to play together.

  • English Users

    @Manager-PR-9 I’m also dutch, how do I download the dutch version?

  • If you are playing on web, go to log in page and in the upper right corner select Dutch flag.

    But on phone, you will have to uninstall the app first, then change your phone language to Dutch, re-install the app again and then create/login to an account. This should give you a Dutch version account.
    alt text

    Keep in mind, accounts cant be switched from one version to other. This mean you will have to start your career with a new account.