The Eagles Cup

  • Round 18/22

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  • Community Manager

    @giouzzz Awatars for all and banners for medalists. Will be ok? :ok_hand_tone2:

  • @Dovco_HandF

    Excellent 👍

  • Team Building

    Round 19/22

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    Amazing numbers, Pejabat Teras! 👍

  • Matchday 20/22

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    A final battle with full of tension and full of pressure.
    Even, I can't stop of becoming stress.

    Tonight, the final cup will be held between @giouzzz from The Alliance and my friend, Wahyu sigit.

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    There will be no more for easy victory until the last

  • @Aldy-Brahmantyo

    Mate, you can relax 🙂 The battle resolved no matter of the Cup Winner 🙂 We had one serious mistake last round that buried our chances ...

  • @Aldy-Brahmantyo

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    Congratulations with the Cup Winning 👍

  • @giouzzz thanks, mate. But as you know, I don't want to make a statement or declare anything about who will be the victory yet until the results of the last matchday are clear for us. That's why I still hope about our last fight tonight will still be on the top of tension. That's why I still order to my teammates who still face against The Alliance in the last match, to fight with their own best and forget about the calculation or prediction from the final score of this final that we have made it before.

  • Thanks brother...champions

  • The Eagles Cup 3.0 - 2016 (Grand Final)

    Final Score :
    Pejabat Teras : 1482
    The Alliance : 930

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    Last standings of the grand final :

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    @giouzzz My great respect for The Alliance who gave us really hard challenge and really difficult fight since the first match. You already gave us about the real of struggle and gave a lot of pressures that made us become stress and nervous to finish this final battle. Thank you very much for this great experience, hope someday we'll meet again on the other tournament. May the success will always follow your crew.

    I also would like to say thank you very much to @Dovco_HandF and his crew, Polish Eagles who created this great competition and great organization. This is the first time of our experience how to know battle without training camp. As we know, finally the rules itself didn't reduce the tension of the battle and didn't reduce the quality of the competition itself. Thank you for your hard work and your responsibility to organize this competition since from the first round until the last battle. Hope this competition will continue and will be more interesting for the next edition. My apologize if me or my crew did some mistakes that we didn't realize during follow your competition and maybe it harmed the other crew / other people.

    Special thanks to our opponents from the first round, second round, until the final round : Le Crabe Crewstillant (LCC), TRABZONSPOR 1461, Polish Eagles, Forca Galatica (sorry I can't write the correct name), REVENGE and of course our final opponent, The Alliance. To have a battle with all of you is an honor for an underdog crew like Pejabat Teras.

    Especially thanks to LCC ( @yann2312 , @Restimat , @Ikki07 , @vincep , and @Raloufiño ) who gave us sad defeat at the 1st round. It was really hurt so bad but it also strengthened us to rise and learned about the previous mistakes until we reach at this phase. Your support after beat us was help us to become better than before.

    I won't forget this result :
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  • @Aldy-Brahmantyo My sincere congratulations to you and your crew!!! You showed a great passion and skill from the very beginning until the very end, your crew building ability is what amazes me the most :). Wish you further success in other competitions!!! Who knows maybe in WCC we will have to face Pejabat Teras, better we start to prepare for the battle with you right from now :).

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    Congratulations to the winner of the first edition: The Eagles Cup! :clap_tone1:
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  • Community Manager

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    A big thank you to all participants!
    It was a real pleasure to be with you during this tournament.
    Awards for All will be prepared next week.
    And in a few months waiting for us a continuation of the tournament: The Eagles Cup 2017!

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  • Congratulations to the Pejabat Teras! Great Crew.
    See you next time!

  • @giouzzz said in The Eagles Cup 2016:

    Thank you guyz for you wishes and following us here. Thank to Dovco for this interesting Event!
    Some time ago i thought that it will be not interesting to play battles without TC's, but during this Event, battle after battle, i loved this kind of battles! Yes, it's a something other than our classical battles with TC's, but here we have more unexpected results than before and it's interesting too! So, i hope it will be a good tradition to have similar kind of Crew Events, not only to save coins, but for other kind of battle interest
    About the Final. Both crews have come a long way to the present side. I think nobody's here didn't think that the finalists will be Pejabat Teras and The Alliance Who they were? But now all know who they are ... Sometimes with mistakes, sometimes with just luck, but i hope it was deserved at all!
    I want to pay homage to all crews, that were played against us during this Event, Thank you guyz for your game, you all played with honour and fair play and fight until the end no matter of the result! Me and my team respect you all! All Star Crew, Polish Legends, Master Coach, Argentinos al mango and of course Tugas - my applause to you for the great battles!
    I want to thank to my unchangeable team! To tell the truth i joined this Event just to learn some crew newbies, we haven't even thought to pass so far... No one leave us from our team of 1st battle. The same five from the beginning till the end! We are like D'Artagnan and four musketeers: One for all and all for one!

    I will continue my speech which was made month ago before Final 🙂

    First of all, i want to bring Sincere Greetings to Pejabat Teras for Winning in this excellent Tournament! The Final Battle was very hard and we were waited for it. Our crew did not know defeats for almost year before this moment, and i'm not sorry that it happened right now and from Pejabat Teras in the Final! They are deserved it in all aspects of the crew battles. They are very organized, prohibitively active, tactically equipped! Every member in their team is the strongest manager, nobody falls behind. That's why i compared them with robots during the battle 🙂 To be honesty, it was very difficult team i ever seen before! The only way to beat them is to have excellent tactics or to be a "robots" too 🙂 Now i understand on practice how PE were beaten by them 😉

    Thank you Pejabat Teras for this Great Final and Glory Glory Glory PT!!! 🏆

    Big Thanks to organizers for such interesting Tournament and we'll wait for next edition impatiently! 👍

  • @Aldy-Brahmantyo My sincere congrats to Pejabat Teras not only for being victorious and winning the tournament, but also for all the humility they show; it's so rare and incredible !
    The new indonesian generation is very strong and has still a lot to show !!!
    Congrats again and success in the future my friends !

    @Dovco_HandF Thanks to Polish Eagles for the nice and proper organization of the tournament: a second edition next year ? 😄

  • @giouzzz Thank you to all of you. like a dream win against the crew of my favorites that alliance, I've said to a friend, before this tournament started I liked the alliance because the first crew of my old ever in defeat alliance, namely the exodus of the eagle that at that time I did not join combat opponents alliance but in the crew PT finally I get to meet my idol alliance crew

  • Congratulations to the winners hope to participate in a tournament like these greetings

  • Congratulations to the winners 👏 👏 👏

  • Fantastic Pejabat Teras!!!