Braggers & Boasters !

  • @majstor-matt Very nice achievement, good undefeated streak against training camps :beers:

  • This is my Africa route, 7x leagues done, 7x goals reached, 3x championship and 2x cup won !
    1 time runner up,1 time third, and 2x times finished 4th.

    In conclusion, not so bad, with an 4299 average manager points, trough 7 African leagues :)
    alt text

  • I managed chelsea and liverpool were behind me on goal difference.In the final few match days liverpool beat me 3-0 and i was behind them by 3 points.i was feeling bummed out and didn't log in for a few days.i logged in on match day 42 out of 43 and to my surprise i was in the lead because liverpool lost to everton! And i also won the cup!I later won the league and it has to be my best season yet!

  • On the 6th September 2017---> :white_check_mark:
    My 2.000th victory in 2.376 matches! (84.17% Winning percentage). :ghost:

    I achieved 2000 victories after 3 years, 4 months, and 16 days playing OFM ... :beers:
    alt text

    Cheers :beers:

  • @pin-kod wery impressive my friend.great job

  • @majstor-matt
    Matija, it looks like me as I played these games and kicked em asses heheh joke :D

  • @marjan2241 Thank you Marjan, cheers my football friend :beers:

  • @pin-kod [link text](0_1504798690683_2d03b7d0-8b1a-4175-8306-d46eee3f6f9c-slika.png link url)hee is my statistics my friend

  • @marjan2241 You have so many trophies, well done, very impressive ! And a 80.91% winning percentage ! Congratulations :beers:

  • @pin-kod you should have played some battles in old version with low goal and than see how big your winning percentage would be. Nowadays, goals in battles doesn't really matter. You can build stronger team with goal 9 than with goal 1. Everything depends on engine and how lucky you are on transfers.

  • @zacanin Every era has its own heroes ;D

  • Finally No 1:first_place: OFM manager in my country, Montenegro (Crna Gora) , after 3 years and 5 months of playing... Not bad at all :white_check_mark:
    alt text

  • Almost 100% winning in the Iranian league with a team which goal is 13th place in the leagues of 16 teams ! I had 29 victories in a row in the league of 30 games, and 4/4 in the Cup, so in complete 33 victories in a row ! In the final game of the Iranian league i play draw. 7 managers have finished this league, and during the season 11 managers were active.

    In conclusion, 30 league games, 29 victories, 1 draw, 0 lost ;D ,,,,Scored 91 goals and conceded only 7 !!! 4 Iran Cup games, 4 win - 0 draw- 0 lost 17 goals scored, only 2 conceded Double tittle,Undefeated, 33 victories in a row, What a season :ghost:
    alt text
    alt text
    Cup games
    alt text

    Apologise if pictures are too big

    Cheers :beers:

  • @pin-kod you rock my friend .i have a question .can i join your crew

  • @marjan2241 Thank you Marjan, it was an amazing season without any lost game, and i appreciate your support buddy :beers:

    P.S. About the crew question, you are always welcome in the Art of football ;D

  • 8 0 away :art: victory:art: vs manager, in the Jordanian league
    alt text

    Cheers :beers:

  • @pin-kod great result.hope to join your team in near feature so we can play together.have a great day my friend

  • hey guys, I just want to share a pic with my boy here
    0_1506012907185_Screenshot from 2017-09-11 22-37-24.png

  • @marjan2241 Thank's my friend, i know that you'll become a FOOTBALL ARTIST very soon ;).

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