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  • I am the Resurrection and I am the light.

  • This post is deleted!

  • My name is Ncu Contagious and I am from Indonesia. I support LIVERPOOL FC and my favourite player is SG8.
    Want to know more about me then, ask me 🤣

  • Hello all, my name is Mohamed, from Egypt :flag_eg: I'm 18 years old, I was a member of the Arab support staff

    World best rank: 5 on Nov 2nd, 2016


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    @mohamed-abozaid Hello there Mohamed and welcome to the world forum! 🙂
    Thank you for your post in here. I love this topic , where every OSM manager can share a few things with the rest of our community... To get to know us better ! :thumbsup_tone1:

  • good night.

  • Hello mates

    My name is Marko Savić. I'm 19, born in Christchurch, New Zealand. My parents were war refugees during Bosnian War, and my family had moved to New Zealand. We all live in the city of Wellington — and we are so thankful to this country. Also, I'm a FK Partizan die hard fan, I love Serbia, and maybe I will live in Belgrade after I get graduate. 4 years left to this happen lol.


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  • Sophie , I love you

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    I have no idea why you wrote this message dear , but thank you. I love the whole world too! 🙂

  • Hi! My name is Dani, I'm from Spain and I am 19 years old right now!

    I don't know if you remember me. In the old forums I had a post named: Dani's Creator where I tryed to made avatar to the hole community.

  • Hello 😃 My Name: Ugur age 36, I started a new game in a short time to Osmar I believe I can achieve in the game.👏

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    @entrenador-returns Hello Dani ! 🙂 Welcome back to our community mate.

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    @ofmsüperstar Hello Ugur! 🙂 Welcome to OSM community. Hope you guys are enjoying the game and forums.

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    And I've noticed another new interesting member in our forum.
    @Hans-Orf. Welcome to OSM mate. 🙂
    Would you like to share a few things with us about you?

  • Hi folks, Live in Leipzig, a city near Dresden in Germany, but was born and grew up near Chesterfield (old school FA Cup giant killers). My name is Stewart, in my early 40s. A fan of the Rams (Derby County) who were only any good (Cloughie era) when I was too young to watch and are going through the now repeated trials and tribulations of Championship play-offs. Still can't forgive them for their loss to QPR in the 9oth minute in 2014.

    Also am a fan of RB Leipzig and had the delight to see Poulsen, Keita, and Timo Werner play live. A team that has a good ethos of blooding new talent (Lookman).

    Also, a supporter of Liverpool, as there is a group of locals support them and regularly watch the EPL in local pubs.

    Have played Football Manager since the days it was Championship Manager. Which is where my habit of comic manager names comes from, hence Hans Orf.

    Only just started this game and topping the Bundesliga wíth RB Leipzig unbeaten in 14, and the Championship with the Rams, which is a little closer.

    0_1524325816430_Screenshot-2018-4-21 Standings - OSM.png

    As well as taking over both Tammeka in the Estonian league and the struggling Djurgårdens IF in the Swedish, so I can get a real idea of the game from leagues I know nothing about. Both are fighting their way back up the leagues though 😉

    I luv good music, books, films, and art. And have a JRT dog called Sparky after the character in the Tim Burton film.

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    @hans-orf Well StewArt , welcome back to the football adventures and our new OSM forum. 🙂 Thank you so much for your wonderful post. Was exactly what I've been expecting from you. I do enjoy your posts and I'm sure you're gonna be a great addition to our community and a tough competitor for the game's leagues.
    My best wishes to you dear Stewart! 👍

  • Hi guys,

    I'm Paul, 19, from Edinburgh, Scotland. I currently work in the security industry. I previously worked as a been working as a volunteer caregiver with children with disabilities, as well as at an Elderly Home. An achievement of mine is I've had artwork on display in the National Art Gallery.

    I'm a big football fan, supporting the green and white team in Edinburgh - the Cabbage&Ribs (Hibs, or Hibernian) Been through a lot of hard time but since my team won the Scottish Cup and broke the hoodoo, being a Hibby has been great! I also played for a couple of Edinburgh based clubs as a Centre Back.

    I was a long servant to the Rebels Crew, as Moderator, and even tried my hand at creating my own crew - The Idiosyncratics - to relative success. They have since merged with another great crew - The Assassins, and it was an amazing move. The Crew is a real force now! Was a regular once upon a time. Did Prediction Leagues and that

    From a wonderful family of 5 which I am really thankful for. I suffer from depression, and I owe my parents everything I have got for all their help.

    Big Comedy fan, love Bernard Manning, Roy Chubby brown, Tim Vine, Stewart Francis, Milton Jones, and my Scottish boys - Kevin Bridges and Frankie Boyle 😂

    Huge music fan. Who isn't? Listen to a wide range, but Britpop and Indie Rock is probably what I listen to most... Pulp, Oasis, The Cure etc.

    I am a big fan of the use of Cannabis, and believe it can be very useful for the treatment lf both Mental and Physical health conditions. Alcohol, I'm not keen on at all. I drink responsibly usually!! 😁

  • hello my name is roy,

    i m from Hillegom, The Netherlands.

    like almost al type of music genre , and love to eat spareribs.

    i am an Ajax fann and fann of Lech Poznan Polska.

    thank you and hope to hear from you

  • Hello Guys ,
    I want to introduce myself 🙂
    My name Is Abderraouf , You can call me Rafa ,
    I'm from Algiers, Algeria 🇩🇿
    I'm 17 Years old .
    So that's all ! Enjoy the game 🌻

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    Long time since he had a post in here.

    Any new comers on our game or new forums ? Would be nice to hear from you guys or girls ! 😃

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