• Sorry but this is the messiest forum I have ever attempted to use. Popular topics don't stay near the top, theres barely any sections and then no sub sections.

    If you went on a forum for a more hard core game you'd see so many categories and trending topics. On here people constantly post in the wrong places and theres 100 topics that look the same instead of 100 people having a discussion.

    You have to accept that the interaction between users on this forum is minimal, the majority of this forum is admins having to close topics for them being in the wrong place (because the root of the problem has not been addressed) or players reporting bugs/bashing on the game.

    This forum is a failure in my eyes, the social element is not really there because of how much of a mess it is. OSM is an extremely basic game but that doesn't mean it has to have a basic forum. You mods need to go have a look how its done on more hardcore games where the users are much much more demanding!

    Not trying to be mean but this issue needs tackling head on rather than constantly avoiding it.

    Please do not close my topic and ask me to post somewhere else as that is extremely annoying and unproductive. Admins on other forums can merge topics to avoid this.

    I have been admin/mod on a guild wars forum which had 2000 users, it was extremely popular, my reputation was over 30,000 to give you some idea how much more popular is was to this forum. So I do empathise with you guys, but sorry I am used to higher standards that this.