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    Hello everyone! I'm here to present to you a fun evolution of friendship battles.

    We are the hispanoamerican group EVOLUTION and we have just designed a special table to play a battle 8vs8

    I will try to explain this, my english is a little poor

    So, we all know there is no league of 16 teams whit goals equally distributed to play a fair battle. We have choose the greek league to do this table:

    0_1490708509748_Batalla 8vs8.png


    Group A
    Goal 1: One team
    Goal 3: One team
    Goal 5: Two teams
    Goal 7: One team
    Goal 10: Two teams
    Goal 13: One team

    Group B
    Goal 1: One team
    Goal 3: One team
    Goal 5: One team
    Goal 7: Two teams
    Goal 10: One team
    Goal 13: Two teams

    Goals 5 & 7 have the same valoration to compense the difference of teams. Same thing with goals 10 & 13

    Also, there is more than one team in each group with same goal. But anyone can reach his goal or nobody, just the same than other battles

    Anyway, the idea is to do something fun and different.

    At this time we are trying to start the first 8vs8 battle with another hispanoamerican group, but we like to play with anyone as posible in the future if this idea works.

    So, any doubt or question please contact to @catupecu_machu, @Stephano-Peralta or myself @Lord Nevermore.

    Sorry for the extension and my english 😃 I hope I have expressed myself clearly. Thanks for your attention.