Can't find your Topic/Post? Read this!

  • Hi manager,
    Welcome again to OSM forums!

    • Have you made a topic or post and now you no longer find it?
      Then probably you used another language besides English. If that was the case, your post was deleted to try and keep this forum tidy and clean. Having all those posts were making harder for our Support members to keep trace of all open topics and provide the help needed to our users, so we decided to remove those topics/posts.

    If you still didn't found your language forums, either they don't exist or you're still on your first login on these forums. Please log out and log back in. You should be able to see them if they are available.

    If there are no forums on your language, please redo your topic, but this time on English language!

    We're sorry for the inconvenience, but only with the help of all of you, we can have good and vibrant forums and provide a good support for you all!

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