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    From 6 defenders 3 are banned and 1 is injured with one game!!!
    Whom I suppose to use?!?

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    Hi, as a manager I'll put two of my banned defenders on the transfer list at cheaper rates if necessary and hope for the luck of transfers in other to replace them. And treat the injured one, if possible/necessary speed up his treatment with the use of coins at the last minute. Then utilise the available defenders I have left. If I don't get up to 4 defenders before the start of the match I could play a 352sos, 343wp or 334lb or I could play a midfielder in defense(not too good though) and if up against a stronger team or a better manager, I'll push the mids to support the defense and hope for the best.
    But it's up to you as the manager of your team, good luck mate 👌