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    After doing everything to have a good team to fight for the championship, its ends and i have to start all over again.
    I really want to continue playing this game and spending some cash, but in this way im not going to play anymore.
    With this kind of game, the winner will always be the one who have much money to buy good players at the beggining of the season, for the rest is just a way to do our best.
    Why can we keep our teams and continue to play with it in new seasons?
    I think if you do this ill keep playing, if not, just bye, and like me there are lots of people...

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    Hi, know that OSM is a one season game so everything resets at the end of season and you get to start again with a new team. This is the same for every manager and how the game is designed which is why it's a great game and lots of managers enjoy playing.
    It's your choice whatever you like to do 👌