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    On this topic we'll try to announce in advance all the promotions or campaigns we'll be realising on our Apps or Website.

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    :large_blue_diamond: Transfer Event: Friday June 30 to Monday July 3


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    :large_blue_diamond: Transfer Event: Friday June 30 to Monday July 3

    Due to some technical issues that we came accross when testing the feature (the risk to not have transfers at all is a reality) we decided to cancel it :(

    As a 'compensation' we'll be doing a Business Club campaign on Apps :thumbsup:

    :large_blue_diamond: Double rewards on Business club (Fri, Sat, Sun) - ONLY on Apps

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    :large_blue_diamond: Create a league Event: Starting today and during whole weekend


    • Creating a league is cheaper this weekend
    • We will pick 5 users that created a league (randomly) and reward them with Boss Coins or a football shirt
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    :large_blue_diamond: Improved players progression on friendlies this weekend (15, 16 July)


  • Maybe it's time for a "promotion" that doesn't encourage the manager to spend tons of boss coins?

  • Indonesian Moderator

    @SpecialOne this event gonna end soon, and after that will normally again? I don't see any new promotion campaigns post...

  • What can we get on promotion? i'm newbie here!

    12Bet - 12Bet Indonesia

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