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    On this topic we'll try to announce in advance all the promotions or campaigns we'll be realising on our Apps or Website.

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    :large_blue_diamond: Transfer Event: Friday June 30 to Monday July 3


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    :large_blue_diamond: Transfer Event: Friday June 30 to Monday July 3

    Due to some technical issues that we came accross when testing the feature (the risk to not have transfers at all is a reality) we decided to cancel it :(

    As a 'compensation' we'll be doing a Business Club campaign on Apps :thumbsup:

    :large_blue_diamond: Double rewards on Business club (Fri, Sat, Sun) - ONLY on Apps

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    :large_blue_diamond: Create a league Event: Starting today and during whole weekend


    • Creating a league is cheaper this weekend
    • We will pick 5 users that created a league (randomly) and reward them with Boss Coins or a football shirt
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    :large_blue_diamond: Improved players progression on friendlies this weekend (15, 16 July)


  • Maybe it's time for a "promotion" that doesn't encourage the manager to spend tons of boss coins?

  • Indonesian Moderator

    @SpecialOne this event gonna end soon, and after that will normally again? I don't see any new promotion campaigns post...

  • What can we get on promotion? i'm newbie here!

    12Bet - 12Bet Indonesia

  • @specialone I got this message today (July 27th) but when I clicked to open the game I got some "forums are temporarily down" message. Is this promo actually running or not? Thanks :)

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    New Season Start Promotion

    For most leagues, the new season just started. Also, the Premier League is starting tomorrow. That's why we want to encourage everyone to play in new leagues in OSM! That's why from now up to Monday:

    • Creating your own league is 25% off
    • Choosing a club that's currently taken is 25% off
    • There are promotions in the Shop


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