• Hi everyone! 🙂 Only 4 days and on Friday begin the FINA World Championships in my home country Hungary, in Budapest and Balatonfüred. The athletes will participate in swimming, open water swimming, synchronised swimming, diving, high diving and of course water polo. The two main places will be the Danube Arena in Budapest for swimmers and Hajós Alfréd uszoda(swimming stadium)in Budapest for water polo teams. Open water swimmings will be held at the lake Balaton in Balatonfüred and other events will be held in differenct places in Budapest.
    This tournament will be Budapest´s(and Hungary´s)biggest event ever, so I am looking for it so much. Unluckily I didn´t get ticket for Hungary´s water polo matches, but I am in a competition where I will have chance to get tickets for the Men´s water polo final, Women´s water polo final or the Swimming final day. I will be very happy if I could get there somehow.
    However the TV can broadcast the matches/competitions too, maybe in your country too.
    In Hungary we wait a lots of medals, espacially from our swimmers(Hosszú, Gyurta, Cseh, Kapás, Kenderesi, Verrasztó siblings, and so on 😄 ), from our men´s water polo team(we didn´t win tournament since Barcelona(2013, World Cup) and last time in Budapest we won silver medal at water polo EURO in 2014 and from our girls team, they are the new European Champions from 2016, Belgrade and they played a balanced match against the world and olympic champion USA. Let´s see it.
    GO HUNGARY! :flag_hu:

  • Today was the opening ceremony of the World Championships. It was really beautiful . There were some qualifications too in diving and synchronised swimming.

  • After two days, the medal list:

    1. :flag_ru: Russia 2 gold 1 silver 0 bronze 3 medals
    2. :flag_cn: China 1 gold 1 silver 0 bronze 2 medals
    3. :flag_au: Australia 1 gold 0 silver 0 bronze 1 medals
    4. :flag_fr: France 1 gold 0 silver 0 bronze 1 medals
    5. :flag_gb: Great Britain 0 gold 1 silver 1 bronze 2 medals
    6. :flag_it: Italy 0 gold 1 silver 1 bronze 2 medals
    7. :flag_es: Spain 0 gold 1 silver 0 bronze 1 medals
    8. :flag_ua: Ukraine 0 gold 0 silver 2 bronze 2 medals
    9. :flag_kp: North Korea 0 gold 0 silver 1 bronze 1 medals

    Unluckily Hungary hasn´t won yet any medal but these weren´t ´our sports´. 😄
    We had good places in open water swimming(eight place from Anna Olasz in 10 km and seventh place from Kristóf Rasovszky in 5 km).
    Today begins water polo tournament for women´s, our girls play against Japan:flag_jp: at 20.10. GO Hungary! :flag_hu:

  • Today our girls won against Japan :flag_jp: 20:11, so they began well the championship. There were interesting scores, USA :flag_us: won 24:2 against South Africa:flag_ss: (maybe the match of the best and worth team of the tournament 😄 ). Next match against France :flag_fr: , it will be probably the same difficulty. As our captain, Attila Bíró said our World Cup begins on Thursday against Netherlans:flag_nl: . It will be a difficult match, we played against them the Euro final last year in Belgrade, but there we won.

  • The matches from men´s tournament yesterday:
    Group A:
    Brazil:flag_br: 6-2 :flag_kz: Kazakhstan
    Montenegro:flag_me: 8-8 :flag_ca: Canada

    Group B:
    France:flag_fr: 9-18 :flag_it: Italy
    Australia:flag_au: 3-13 :flag_hu: Hungary

    Group 😄
    Spain:flag_es: 7-8 :flag_gr: Greece
    Serbia:flag_rs: 21-5 :flag_za: South Africa

    Group D
    USA:flag_us: 7-12 :flag_hr: Croatia
    Japan:flag_jp: 8-15 :flag_ru: Russia

  • @Sir-Varga-Sándor

    Interesting score from Canada against Montenegro, Montenegro already won 8:4, but Canada could come back to 8:8.
    Spain-Greece match was the match of the day I think, but it wasn´t as good match now.
    Serbia had some problems with the defend against South Africa, but they didn´t have to give their best.
    I watched France-Italy too, France had some chances, but Italy easily won the match in the 3rd and 4th period.
    And we played our first game against Australia. We waited that this match won´t be easy, Australia won 1:0, but we could turn the match. Dénes Varga was very good in attacking, almost everybody scored and Viktor Nagy saved well. We deserved this win and this a big success to win against Australia with 10 goals. Go Hungary! 😄

  • The medal list:

    1. :flag_cn: China 5 gold 3 silver 0 bronze 8 medals
    2. :flag_ru: Russia 3 gold 3 silver 1 bronze 7 medals
    3. :flag_fr: France 2 gold 0 silver 0 bronze 2 medals
    4. :flag_it: Italy 1 gold 1 silver 3 bronze 5 medals
    5. :flag_au: Australia 1 gold 0 silver 0 bronze 1 medals
    6. :flag_kp: North Korea 0 gold 1 silver 1 bronze 2 medals
    7. :flag_gb: Great Britain 0 gold 1 silver 1 bronze 2 medals
    8. :flag_ec: Ecuador 0 gold 1 silver 0 bronze 1 medals
    9. :flag_ca: Canada 0 gold 1 silver 0 bronze 1 medals
    10. :flag_es: Spain 0 gold 1 silver 0 bronze 1 medals
    11. :flag_ua: Ukraine 0 gold 0 silver 3 bronze 3 medals
    12. :flag_br: Brazil 0 gold 0 silver 1 bronze 1 medals
    13. :flag_us: USA 0 gold 0 silver 1 bronze 1 medals
    14. :flag_my: Malajsia 0 gold 0 silver 1 bronze 1 medals
    15. :flag_de: Germany 0 gold 0 silver 1 bronze 1 medals

  • Today our girls play their second match against France in water polo! 🙂 Go Hungary! :flag_hu:

  • Today began swimming too! 🙂 🙂 There were so amazing races.

    And the best-our 4x100m men freestyle relay team won bronze medal! The team members: Dominik Kozma(26yo), Nándor Németh(17yo), Péter Holoda(21yo) and Richárd Bohus(24yo)-the team of the future! 🙂

    The women´s team reached 9th place, so they didn´t get into the final.

    In 50m butterfly László Cseh didn´t get into the final, but he had a big chance.

    In 400m freestyle(women´s) Bogi Kapás and Ajna Késely(15yo, 😄 )got into the final, Bogi reached 5th place and Ajna 6th place. The final went of course to Katie Ledecky(USA).

    In 200m individual medley(women´s) Katinka Hosszú won the preliminary round one and two too, so she got in the final with the best time. She has a big chance to win the first gold 😄

  • Nobody is interested even in swimming? 😕

  • English Users

    Only water polo 🙂

  • @SavicBranko

    You are from Serbia, right? 😄

    Than I understand. I have a big respect to Serbia what they reached in water polo. You will play against Australia. They have now a weaker team so I think you won´t have any problem and you will get in the semi-finals. But there you will have a big match against Italy or Croatia.

    I wish a Hungary vs Serbia final, as in 2014(in Budapest 😄 )

  • Serbia are considered one of the world's best water polo teams in the history of the game, having gold medals in Olympic, World and European Championship, World Cup, FINA World League and Mediterranean Games. 2016 Serbia's national team is widely considered to be the best team in the history of the game being holders of 5 gold medals in 5 different major competitions at the same time.

  • My country :flag_id: only send 6 athletes in this year, and never got a medal in this tournament 😄

  • @moca-vukotic

    yes, Serbia has a big-big generation now. It is similar than we had from 2000 to 2008 with 3 olympics gold medals in a row.
    It is clear that this Serbia is know the best team on the world, but maybe we(Hungary), Croatia or Italy can make a surprise against them. On one match everything can happen.
    Good luck to you on the way to final! 🙂

  • @I-Love-Niken

    Oh, now I see 😄 I was thinking about that I know somebody from Indonesia or not, came to my mind the swimmer Schooling, but I remembered he is from Singapur 😂

  • @Sir-Varga-Sándor
    Yes you're right. Did you know, I know more about Joseph Schooling more than athletes from Indonesia 😆 :rofl: He got gold medal in the last Olympic beat Michael Phelps

  • One of the greatest Waterpolo matches was played yesterday in semifinal between Serbia and Croatia.. What a quality match.. damn.. Im watching Waterpolo every year and I really dont remember when both teams played such a quality game and scored such brilliant goals. In the end Croatia won and placed themselves in the final against home team HUngary. Im expecting final to be just as quality 😄 Come on Croatia!!

    alt text

  •                   CROATIA - CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!!!                           

    In the middle of Hungary, one of the greatest Waterpoolo countries in the history of the sport, Croatia has done it and won it by defeating the home team 8:6. BRAVO! Hats of to Sandro Sukno and javier Garcia.. they were simply fantastic today.. Everyone were fantastic! HRVATSKA!!! 😄

    alt text

  • @majstor-matt

    I watched both games. Croatia deserved the win, they beated Italy, Serbia and Hungary in 4 days 😄

    I am a bit happy that Serbia didn´t won again, but sad because we lost a final home. The first period was absolutly terrible but then the match was balanced, both team played well. At 4:4 Croatia had a bit luck but it belongs to the sport. We could be happy with this silver too, but I think Croatia isn´t better team than we. This two teams are really the same strength and this is a big success for both teams that they could get into the final.

    However I think that Serbia is still the strongest team on the world and they will win the Euro next year in Barcelona. But we will have a big chance too, we already won two times in Barcelona, last time in 2013 a World Cup.

    Congratulations to Croatia and GO HUNGARY! 🙂 :flag_hu: