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    Tomorrow, on the August 8th, UCL winner Real Madrid will face EL winner Manchester United. Maybe 2 greatest club in the world battling for this nice trophy at the start of the season. What do you expect. Will we see another Madrid vs. United classic?

    So far there have been 11 matches between these 2 teams :

    • Real Madrid 4 wins
    • 4 draws
    • Man United 2 wins

    Some of the best matches between these 2 clubs in last couple centuries :

    UCL 02/03 QF; Madrid wins 6:5 on Agg.

    UCL 1999/2000 QF ; Madrid wins 3:2 on Agg.

    UCL 12/13 R16; Madrid wins 3:2 on Agg.

  • Portuguese Moderator

    What a game with this two great clubs... I can't wait! 😛
    And 13th August Barcelona vs Real Madrid 😮

  • English Users

    Tomorrow already?? I think I'll cancel my date with the gym and look to the match instead. Expect to see a good match between these 2 giants. I think Real Madrid will win this one, but who knows what United is capable of now.