• Please state under which criteria you choose your team captain. Moreover, if a player is a good captain for one game, should we assume that he's good for next games too?

  • @scarle4

    My captain is usually the oldest player in the starting 11 for that game. The exception is when that player is also the worst.
    You should pick a player that combines experience (30+) with overall quality.

  • French Users

    A good captain is an experimented player who has good stats. Try to find the player with the best balance Age/Stats in your team. For exemple à 33 year old player at Level 91 will Prolly be better than a 30 year old at 92. Sometimes it's difficult to choose... best thing to do most of the Time is to name the REAL team captain. Use the site transfrmarket. By the way, some of the best captain in real Life can be kind of bad in OSM. For example Ronaldo can be really disappointing (especially when a little bit tired). Also Messi, who's the best player seems to have hard time handling pressure of being the captain (like in real life).