• Hi Boys and girls!I was bored and all of a sudden thought of this topic.I decided to make a competition where you send me scary videos and I decide which one is the most scary.Only ten people can compete to the first ten people to respond will play.Rules: No copying each others videos. Each week has a genre and there will be 10 weeks of playing. For example i choose clowns as a genre and you have to find clown videos in 1week . Scariest gets 10 points 9th place gets 9points and so on. Right now i am finding people to play and the game hasn't started so just respond and you will be entered.

  • Oh come on almost 50 views yet no reply!Guess no one wants to play.

  • i do 🙂 it seems like a cool idea

  • Ok i gave a lot of though in to this and i decided to delete my post as the topic is getting so much attention yet almost no posts Hope you understand.

  • It was a nice try though, since you can't delete the post I will close it 😉

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