• My suggestion is to add 18 new achievements into the game.
    Why exactly 18? Well, I will explain.
    Here is a profile of a manager who fulfilled all achievements:
    For me, the ''laurel wreath'' on the profile looks''unfinished''.
    There are only 4 ''golden leafs'' (of 22), because of that 18 new achievements.
    After completing all of them it would look much better than now I am sure, and it would show that the manager is a real ''legend''.
    The awards for the achievements must not be really big.
    I am sure there are many managers who could give interesting ideas for the new achievements, and above all reasonable.

    Also, maybe you could remove the ''Lucky shot'' achievement. It's really stupid. All other achievements depends on subjective reasons, only this on ''objective''. You have no impact on this. You can fulfill this achievement today, or maybe in 5 years...maybe never...Who knows...

    Best regards!

  • @MenagerBL Interessting suggestion but did you also thought about what kind of achievements you would like to see added?

  • Hmmmm interesting!
    My proposals:

    1. Complete a full league (season) without loosing a single game.
    2. Win 10 away matches in sequence
    3. Have your team suffered less than 5 goals in a league (season)
    4. Complete a full league without using training camp (valid for public and NOT private leagues where moderators may set a league without training camps)
    5. Have the most rated player in a league (at the end of a season)