Getting money in OSM

  • 3 easy things to make profit in OSM

    Sell players
    This is the most common thing i do to make money, i frequently sell reserve and bench players on the transfer list. If you don't know how to do this, its very simple, just go to squad and click on a player you want to sell.

    Get sponsors
    Getting sponsors makes you money each match, its very useful for spamming money

    Buying players for a good price then selling them for more
    This is a good tactic with <70 attacking or defensive players.
    for example a player is selling for 1 million, you buy him and sell him for 2.5 million.

    Thank you for reading this! I hope this helped

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    to improve stadium capacity before then pitch or training

  • Step 5. Enjoy your life as a millionaire

    Improve your stadium capacity
    improve your stadium capacity, it gives you money (thanks to @Daniele-Benjiamin for telling me this)

  • @Karsten-Schaeffer and @Daniele-Benjiamin Hi,
    i read all this tips, and all is good. I will use this tips on my game.
    Thanks !

  • @gabyadrian No problem, if you need help in the game, you can ask me

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  • In all honesty , I don't think improving the stadium capacity first is a good idea. You want to have the best team possible , and I always go in the order Training > Pitch > Capacity.
    This is because having level 3 training significantly hastens the training times ( 50% is a great gain ) and this will help your team perform better in both Home & Away matches as the squad ratings of your players will improve.

    Pitch comes second because it's for Home games only which makes it a little less valuable for me in comparision with Training.

    Gate Receipts , honestly is what I'd keep for last. I'm in GameWeek 24 , with Level 3 Training , Nearly Level 2 Pitch and none on my capacity. This is because I find spending 54 hours just to get a 307 K funds for a home game unnecessary.

    Instead I'll tell you my trick :
    I do a lot of trading ( Point 1 & 3 in your list ) and accumulate a lot of money and before the match starts I keep it in the bank. It's a great way to make money since having large amounts of money generates a lot of interest.
    I've earned a whopping 4,600,000 coins per gameweek since I had around 230,000,000 around last week.

    Hope this help!

  • Hey,
    What do you have to do to get money?
    Could you explain it in simpler words Pls
    De Koekkoek

  • The simplest way to explain it is just sell players and get sponsors

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    @ghostraiderxtreme said in Getting money in OSM:

    In all honesty , I don't think improving the stadium capacity first is a good idea

    i agree with you, we only said that it's a way to improve money, not that it's the best thing to do to be stronger ;)

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