draws with teams without coach

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    I was with Spurs in england and i was in first and I go there every day, I was always winning ,I have the second best team in worth and I was to a point of the second place, in the last seven games I tied four times and i was dropped to second With eight points from the first, and they were all teams without a coach and mine with very efficient mt players who stopped scoring goals and making assists and had games that I should win easily, I was already 2500 points ,later with the ties I was 1900 and I think it is a bit bad for me that was first and tied four times almost followed with weak teams I dont know what happened, i dont know why thos happened because in 3 years this never happened to me and it doesnt happened to the other players in my league even with ones that doesnt go there by 2 3 weeks they keep winnig there games and i just draw... dont know why...if someone knows...tell me ,but I like that to be changed, because I could win the league and i will only be in second because of those draws

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    • First you should know that you can't win all the time even though you play against computer controlled teams.
    • Secondly, The outcome of a match depends on many factors like tactics, formation, etc.. Not just the squad value.
      So it's up to you to figure out how to keep winning consistently.