• Hey, for all the people that follow this TV Show please be aware that there might be SPOILERS below, so be careful! 😄

    Did you guys like the last season?

  • I did enjoy last season. The seriemakers do however lack a bit of the genius of George RR. The series did already start to contain more plotholes and became more predictable since they started to derive from the books, and this is even more so the case since there aren't any books anymore to use as a guidelines. Nevertheless still the best series out there. Here are my predictions for the final season:

    • Jon en Danny will have a son, Danny is dying while giving birth, Jon kills her to put her out of her misery and longclaw turns into lightbringer.

    • The nights king will somehow steal the baby and turn him into a white walker. He will overthrow the nights king to become the new nights king.

    • Jon gets killed by his own son. Podrick Payne picks up lightbringer, kills the army of the death single-handedly and avert the threat from the north.

    • The main threat however, is the economic crisis that has been growing since season 1. As the iron bank declares bankruptcy, inflation raises to unprecedented proportions and most Westorosi become unemployed.

    • The people overthrow queen Cersei and establish a representative democracy, with binding referenda on the most controversial topics.

  • I enjoyed season 7. The thing is that everybody started to like their previous "enemy" in a way. This makes me think that we are heading to a happy end.

  • @scarle4

    George RR Martin has stated that the ending will be bittersweet.

    Even though there is some truth in what you are saying, there is still a great deal of characters who hate the shit out of each other left. Taking that and George's statement into account, I expect that a lot of popular ones will not make it to the very end of the series.