• English Users

    why the game changes a CB with a MID player?? why is this issue not tackled, for example if a CB is injured or has to be replaced let him replace with another CB also a LB with LB or RB with RB???

  • English Moderator

    Hi, subs are introduced in accordance to how you name them. You have two slots for every position except for the goal keeper slot which is just one making a total of seven substitute slots. The computer will always introduce the player which is first on the list of sub for that position, recall that in OSM there is no CB, RB, LB you only have defenders and as such the computer subs a defender with the first defender on the list from the defense substitute slot.
    The computer will only sub players of different positions if there are no player for that position anymore or when a manager name; let's say a defender on the first or both substitute slot of the midfield position.