[Crews] Batllepedia and discussion: what to change?

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    BATTLEPEDIA [original text]

    This document provides all the rules regarding conduct, scorekeeping and team drawing in OSM battles during CCL. Please make sure that you read all the terms and articles described below if you intend to participate in CCL, as they will be the official reference for judging right from wrong in crew battle behaviour.

    If your Crew intend to play a friendly, you may follow this Rules or agree different ones with your opponent. Keep in mind that staff can’t monitor all friendly battles, which means that if you don’t reach a consensus with your opponent, staff won’t assist you. If you find that your opponent is breaking OSM rules, you should fill in a CR and the league will be judged as a normal league and ALL OSM rules will prevail.

    The Battlepedia information contained here is for use in the official crew competition, the CCL.


    Article A - All OSM Rules must be followed at all times
    All rules mentioned under the OSM Terms should be followed at all times, with the exception of Rule 8. As Crew battles are a team effort, a slightly broader definition of collusion in these leagues is used, and collusion takes place when one team takes a decision that deliberately damages one Crew in favour of another. The limits are described in later Articles.

    Article B - Collusion.

    1. Line up
      In all games between two managers of the same crew, each manager should align 11 players and every player must be aligned in his original position (attackers in attack, midfielders in midfield etc.).
      NB: The only exception to this is if both goalkeepers are injured/suspended ON PREVIOUS MATCH, in which case another player may be played in goal, as long as the other crew are notified before the match.
    2. Transfers
      a) All transfers between crew mates must happen at 1.3 times the value of the player.
      b) All transfers where a crew mate takes part must have a 7 days interval for the same player.
      Date 2nd transfer of player X – date 1st transfer of player X = 7 days. Preparation days are counted as just one day. Time of transfer will not be taken into account, just the day.

    | Bought From -| -> |-- Sold To ---| -> Restrictions
    |---- CPU -----| -> |---- CPU -----| -> N/A
    |---- CPU -----| -> |- Opposition -| -> N/A
    |---- CPU -----| -> |- Crew Mate --| -> 7 days
    |- Opposition -| -> |---- CPU -----| -> N/A
    |- Opposition -| -> |- Opposition -| -> N/A
    |- Opposition -| -> |- Crew Mate --| -> 7 days
    |- Crew Mate --| -> |---- CPU -----| -> 7 days
    |- Crew Mate --| -> |- Opposition -| -> 7 days
    |- Crew Mate --| -> |- Crew Mate --| -> 7 days

    c) A maximum of 3 transfers are allowed in one direction from one single club to any other single club.
    NB: This limit only applies to transfers made between crew-mates.

    Article C - Abandonments.

    1. Any player that leaves his/her crew must rejoin it before the end of the battle.
    2. Any crew may choose to replace a member of its squad anytime, given a specific penalty.
    3. Any player that resigns a league may be replaced, in accordance to Article C2.
      3a. For the purposes of this Battlepedia, a manager who is kicked for inactivity is treated in the same way as a manager who has resigned.

    Article D - Conceding.
    In the event that one crew concedes a battle to another, the second will be considered victorious. The rest of the league must then be played in accordance to the OSM Rules as any other regular OSM league, if the participants choose to stay.

    Article E: Captains.
    When posting their line-up, each player must signify which of its participating members will act as their captain. The captain is no different to any other member of the team, except that he is responsible for the communication of penalties.

    Article F: Team Drawing.
    All rounds will have random draws for teams assigned to each crew. Those draws will be made by senior staff and we won’t tolerate any kind of comments about the staff manipulating draw results!

    For breaching the aforementioned rules, any crew shall incur the following point deductions to their final score.

    Article A:
    Any breach to the OSM Rules is punishable through locking/suspension of the involved accounts, and the crew involved will automatically forfeit the battle.

    Article B:
    Breaching any of the regulations directing collusion are penalized as follows:
    1st and 2nd offences: -50 points each
    3rd and 4th offences: -100 points each
    Any subsequent offence: -200 points each
    NB: Each individual offence is subject to a penalty. If two players are played out of position or if a manager lines up a 9 man team against a crewmate, two penalties would be correct on both scenarios.
    Also, if two separate transfer offences occur at once, two penalties shall be applied.

    Article 😄

    1. Whenever a manager abandons his/her crew the score for his team will be set to 0 unless the score is originally negative (in which case the value is kept). The score for the team can be recovered if the manager rejoins his/her crew or is replaced by a member of the original crew before the end of the battle. If this is not possible (manager left the crew in the last 7 days of the season) no action will be taken.
    2. A replacement may be called in, but the team in review will incur a penalty of -100 points for it.
    3. A resigning player incurs in no extra penalty; the team will continue to be managed by the assistant manager unless a replacement is called in accordance to Article C2. Computer managed teams are still treated as part of the respective crew and the possible infringements CPU can make are also punishable.

    Calling for Punishments:
    The following protocol should be adhered to when an infringement is noticed.

    • Breaches of Article A (OSM Rules) should be reported via the Report Cheating tool.
    • Breaches of Articles B and C (Battle Rules) should be reported to the other crew’s captain, informing him of the nature of the penalties, keeping Fair Play alive. If Crews don’t reach an agreement on penalties, they should be reported, with all available screenshots, via e-mail to the Events Manager at eventsmanager@onlinesoccermanager.com so he can judge it.
    • All infringements must be reported within 48 hours after the breach happened, otherwise the report is invalid.

    » 125 starting points per manager
    » 13 extra points if team goal is reached
    » 18 extra points per position above goal
    » 18 penalty points per position below goal
    » add points equal to 4 times the league points of each team
    » add points equal to 2 times the goal difference of each team
    » 100, 45 and 20 extra points to the top 3, in order
    » 20, 45 and 100 penalty points to the bottom 3, in order
    » 100 extra points to the cup winner, 50 to the cup finalist, plus 25 to each defeated semi-finalist
    » Scores can also be affected by any of the aforementioned penalties.

    For your convenience we have updated the score keeping spreadsheet. You can download it from the following link: Download 5v5 Crew Battle Calculation Sheet

    **Everything in this battlepedia, including rules and scoring system, is created as seen fit at the moment of its creation. It is subject to change and can be updated in the future.

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    Above the original rules The Battlepedia for version 1.0, which also functioned for version 2.0. These rules, however, have not fully correspond to version 3.0. I suggest to start on the public forum the work on modifying Battlepedia for tournaments in version 3.0. I think that is important and we can not to put off this for the future, because the future OSM began in New Forum 7th November 2016, right?

  • Sorry guys! I'll close this topic.

    Battlepedia was a set of rules for an official event - CCL!

    There was a reason why we didn't passed Battlepedia post to these new forums!

    Since we moved to OSM 3.0, CCL was cancelled because major adjustments were needed and it would be a wasted effort, because we've plans to make changes on Crew world.

    I know that a lot of crews still play friendlies according battlepedia, but EVERY single friendly battle should be played under rules accorded by both captains. We as staff will always analyse those leagues as normal ones, so... don't ask us to make judgements about any kind of rules violation. Friendly battles are just that, friendly competitions where friendly banter/competition should prevail.