Kylian Mbappe not scoring enough

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    Guys I play Arsenal and I bought Mbappe I trained him and now he has 99 attack 8 defend 52 overall, my problem is this I play 4-3-3 A and I leave him on the midd cuz he has 8 defending and leftside Ronaldo rightside Dybala but he doesnt score goals?? 99 attack and still not producing only 2 goals in 6 matches with 1 assist, thats pretty low for those raitings :S, any suggestions on where should I put him or what to do cuz its frustrating to see him not scoring for fun... and what I recognized so far in the game it seems only big name players score for fun even if you dont train them, for example I had Lacazzet and he was top scorere but I sold him cuz I dont like him very much also Sanchez Ronaldo Costa Hazart this guys score every game but a Mbappe or someone young with 100 attack doesnt score so much? is this all about names or ratings??

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    Perhaps your last few matches were against tougher teams? Or maybe their tactics were very defensive.

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    Hi, it's up to you to figure out how to use your players, unfortunately, we can't have a topic for a single player on the forums.