• Please read to the end..WCC,CC tournaments like instead of being engaged;how to organize such a tournament?The section of the league crews in real life adapt to...(OSM-TURKEY(country)Super LEAGUE/OSM-Champions League/OSM-MINI CHAMPIONS League )


    1)Let's say our country as we have 16 crew.

    2)First of all, this according to the history of the crews, split into two leagues.(More groups can be divided into countries that have more teams)

    3)And 2 as a separate League creat.

    4)First league for example;be OSM-TURKEY Super League.

    5)The history of the establishment, according to the first 8 teams will participate in this League.This League will send to represent the 8 crew, 1 Manager.This league in completed the first two in the league between the each crew Manager to participate in the battles for the world champions.First, let's be ekipli group four as in real life.The format wars will be done as 5x5..After groups the Elimination in the system.And The champion of world champions.It's a labor of and given here.The champion of Champions should be able to receive the reward of this labor.All that has taken place in the champion of Champions tournament team managers by at least 1000 coins at the end of the tournament should be given to GB.This will bring excitement and competition.Allows for more crew.

    6)And 3 and 4 in the league in the OSM-TURKEY Super League, managers of teams who finished in the order as in real life take part in the OSM-MINI World Championship.Get in a 5x5 format battles.500 coins should be given to the members of the champion crew participating in the Battle.

    7)And 3 in the OSM-Turkey Super League to a lower League crews who finished last in the league must go down in order.


    1)England 2. League like, Serie B in Italy like...This tournament will be in.

    2)According to the history of the organization the crews the last 8 teams will play in this League.(first)...League name:for example, OSM-

    3)Managers of crews in the top 3 in this League...First League will be eligible to play in the OSM-Turkey Super League.

    My proposal is.Each country in the league can replicate.Mainly the Super League of that country.The Super League which is important.This Seasons can be made on an annual basis.Adapt to it if every country would compete,would be more excitement.A tournament official and may be the only such tournament in terms of crews.Spent at least 500 coins in the battles.Good level to compete.And 1 people.At the end of the GB should be able to give these awards.It gains more and more users.Crew may increase the number of.Well organized,if the system is seated in a very good business.And with reference to major tournaments,crews don't go, he win goes.Thus, each crew receives the reward of labor had given.

    I'm waiting for your feedback.Thank you for reading.

    Respects.:hand_splayed_tone1: 😉

  • English Moderator

    The rules of a tournament and how the tournament runs is up to the organizer(s) to decide.
    And next time you should rather pm the organization for any suggestions about their tournaments and not to post it on forums.

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