• Ok the league is finished and we have the same amount of points. Can someone explain me why he is in front of me and therefore earned the trophy????!!! I can now imagine that the reason is because he has scored more goals but why OSM? I have the goal average won against Atletico de Madrid, we first drew 1-1 but in the second match I won 2-1 so I should be in front in case of same points!!!!! and thats what has happened and the trophy should be mine because the rules of football (soccer) say this its stupid i cannot understand it really dissapointed... now i have to play again a complete league of 43 days and win it again just because of u guys dont know the rules of the most famous sport in the world? I want my Spanish League Champion Trophy thats not fair, i put too much effort.

  • English Moderator

    Hi, in OSM, league title are decided by;

    • Most points at the end of the season
    • Most goal difference
    • Most goals scored
    • Alphabetical order of team names involved

    Looking at your league, you both finished on 100 points, but Atletico Madrid has the most goal difference (112-16 = 96 GD) compared to your team Athletic Bilbao (99-14 = 85 GD).
    So he won the league by virtue of having the most goal difference.
    Better luck next time mate 😉

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