Team Changes & Upgrades

  • I was highly curious to know what happens when you play a season with your team and make lots of changes to the squad! So as far as i understood when we pick up a team; the engine of the game automatically attach us to the certain league according to our experience levels and such. Now; my question has two sides:

    1.Does the squad i have built remains the same for the next coach when i leave my current club at the end of the season? or it get restarted?
    2.Does the squad i have build remains the same when i remain in the club for another season? Or get restarted?

    Thank you!


  • Italian Moderator

    @matthew-mayer-davidson hi,
    team remains the same only if you leave the team during the season, so someone can pick up the upgraded team.
    But iif you change the team at the end of the season or if you remain with the same team, you'll begin the new season with the basic team without any connection with previous season.


  • English Moderator

    Thanks Daniele 👍