Young players tips

  • I thought to do a topic where we can share informations about some young players in various leagues that can represent a good investition in time for the team. So what I ve found from the last update is(ratings are not quite there, it s a, 1-3 rating error)
    I will not list well-known players like Jesus, Bellerin, Pulisic, Embolo, Donnarumma, etc, but you can. I am into finding hidden gems

    Swansea - Sanches-mid - 20yrs 88rating
    - Abraham-fwd-20yrs 78 rat
    Everton - Lookman-fwd-19yrs 75 rat
    - Davies-mid-19yrs 78 rat
    Crystal palace - Fonsu-mensah-mid-19yrs 71 rat
    Leicester - Ndidi - mid-20yrs 80 rat
    Tottenham - Forith-def-19 yrs 75 rat
    Watford - Richarison-fwd-20yrs 77 rat

    Ac milan - kessie - mid-20yrs-??? Rat

    Leverkusen - Bailey-fwd - 20 yrs 80 rat
    Leipzig-Upanmecano - def-18 yrs 78 rat
    Dormundt - beside Pulisic - Isak-fwd-18 yrs 76 rat
    Sancho - fwd-17 yrs 75rat
    Mönchengladbach- Oxford-def-18 yrs-76 rat

    Other good young players
    Sessegnon-def-17yrs 72 rat
    Harvetz - mid-18 yrs ??? Rat(somewhere în germany)
    Retsos-def-19 yrs, ??? Rat
    Alena-mid-19 yrs-?? Rat(play for barcelona B)
    Ozer Be. - gk-17yrs,?? Rat

    I will add some values and players in time, probably, but i wouldn't mind if you can help me with it.
    The ??? are unknown ratings, but they train very well-most of them are reaching 85-90 in about 10-15 matches.

  • Looks like you've put a lot of effort in this.

    Good job!

  • Kessie is rated at 87. I like this post, thanks for the info! I have got a few names I might help with:
    Name, Pos, Age, Rate
    Mbappe, fwd, 18, 90
    Donnaruma, gk, 18, 88
    Pulisic, fwd, 19, 87
    Rashford, fwd, 19, 87
    Hernandez T., def, 19, 87
    Dolberg, fwd, 20, 84
    Dembele, fwd, 20, 90
    G. Jesus, fwd, 20, 89
    Tielemans, mid, 20, 88
    Embolo, fwd, 20, 87
    Guedes, fwd, 20, 86
    Iheanacho, fwd, 20, 85
    Oyarzabal, fwd, 20, 85
    Diawara, mid, 20, 85
    Vallejo, def, 20, 85
    Unal, fwd, 20, 84
    Ndidi, mid, 20, 84
    Alli, mid, 21, 93
    Sane, fwd, 21, 90
    Asensio, fwd, 21, 89
    Martial, fwd, 21, 89
    A. Silva, fwd, 21, 88
    Lemar, fwd, 21, 88
    Werner Ti., fwd, 21, 88
    Sanchez D., def, 21, 88
    Tah, def, 21, 88
    Coman, fwd, 21, 87
    Brandt, mid, 21, 87
    Cabellos, mid, 21, 86
    G. Barbosa, fwd, 21, 85
    Schick, fwd, 21, 85
    Dahoud, mid, 21, 85
    Hernandez Lu., def, 21, 85
    Meyer, mid, 21, 84
    Sterling, fwd, 22, 93
    Nigues, mid, 22, 93
    Keita, mid, 22, 89
    Bellerin, def, 22, 89
    Gimenez, def, 22, 89
    Balde, fwd, 22, 88
    Goretzka, mid, 22, 88
    M-Savic, mid, 22, 88
    Weigl, mid, 22, 88
    Kimmich, def, 22, 88
    Romagnoli, def, 22, 88
    Sule, def, 22, 88
    Correa, fwd, 22, 87
    G. Martins, fwd, 22, 87
    Bentaleb, mid, 22, 87
    Rabiot, mid, 22, 87
    Gaya, def, 22, 87
    Shaw, def, 22, 87
    Dendoncker, mid, 22, 85
    Ward-Prowse, mid, 22, 85
    Alvarez Y., def, 22, 85
    Zouma, def, 22, 85
    Torres, mid, 22, 84

    Hope this helps! Even though the scout gets you the players you need, sometimes its nice to know who's out there.

  • Lafont is an 18 year old goalie with 78 rating. A good first scouting pick for when you play in poorer leagues. But should be relegated to backup and replaced with a stronger goalie as soon as you have the money.

  • @obfuscator not really. If you can train him, it goes pretty quick over 90,even 100. Young gks get a lot from training..

  • True but I prefer to start with Lafont and add Donnarumma later 😉

  • Lemos is a 21 year old Defender with about 77 rating

  • Rajkovich is a 21 year old Goalie with about 73-74 rating

  • This topic is kinda senseless cause we can't find the exact player we are looking for like in old scout system.

  • @pepguardiola-fcb
    It is easier to find them if you play in the specific league and offert them. Also, it helps the beginners to know not to take the mediocre players from the first scout and wait for some Other better options. Personally, it helps me

  • @pepguardiola-fcb not as important as it was, but definitely shows you the options out there!

  • Well, it is useful to know the field. If I see that another team has already snatched Donnarumma, scouting for <25 goalies becomes a lot less lucrative! Same goes for other top-class young talents.

  • @xxxxvladxxxx
    Update - sessegnon - 17 yrs 78 rating - fulham-def
    Hatvetz - leverkusen--18 yrs - mid, Also 78 rated

  • @xxxxvladxxxx great job but i liked the old scout much more.but it would help if we could scout buy nationality so we can scout a player from same about that.

  • @marjan2241
    I totally agree. But this is not our choice and what we gathered here is all that we're got..

  • @xxxxvladxxxx i lknow that but in the futute maybe they do that.have a great day.

  • I am sorry if I am digging this topic, it would be too relevant for me to ignore it.

    I've started an AirTable (a kind of a collaborative excel) where everyone could contribute with OSM players.

    The goal would be to have a huge database of OSM players where we could search and filter from.

    You can contribute right here:

    For adding new records just click on the row with a plus sign and let me know any doubts or if I should add any other fields.

  • @sirpereirapt

    I really like this idea and expected a little more detail, so get adding SirP. Anyway, I really got you started on players I have kept for most of a season. I will add more once you have contributed some yourself, it starts to fill out and more interest is shown.

  • @hans-orf

    I've created that in a rush, but I will add more for sure. Count me on it 👌

  • Just added some more now. Hope people start to contribute.

    I've added a value column. It may help for people to search where they are in tight budgets.

    What I would recommend for anyone contributing is trying to do so in the first days of the season, so the ratings wouldn't change that much. Apart from that, I add the players I have in my club from the very beginning and the ones that are on Transfer List from other clubs.