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    What happens to the boss coins that you have saved throughout a season when the season comes to an end?
    Is it going to be restarted to a basic level? Or is it going to remain for the start of the next season?

    If it remains; (without considering the purchase method); what happens when you unlock all of your rewards?
    Won't we get any decent amount of boss coins using such methods anymore? You become forced to purchase coins one way or another?

    Also; Is the system going to reward you a 50 basic boss coins at the start of each season or it's just a one time move for beginning the very first season?

    I know i can discover all of this on my own experiencing the game. But i prefer to have an idea to avoid unnecessary shocks!!

    Thank you!


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    • Your boss coins belongs to you so it remains with you whether you use it or not.
    • Yes, you won't get rewarded for completing that achievement anymore.
    • When the league ends you get some amount of boss coins equivalent to that of your manager points depend on the amount of advanced tools used in creating the league.