Transfer Market [Game Suggestion]

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    In the transfer process; it's a little difficult to submit high amount of transfer offers with variable teams. You become forced to have limited negotiations. That's because when you make an offer; if the opposite accept your offer; the player will be added to the team immediately. In my opinion that brings difficulties. Because you can't negotiate for multiple players at the same time. That's because "what if all of them accept your offer"? it becomes a mess.

    In my eyes; it would be amazing if OSM apply the same ability that we have seen in FIFA games for many years. You can negotiate and at the end; if the negotiation been successful; you have this ability to make the final decision; whether continue and finalize the move or decline the whole negotiation permanently.

    So a little new programming to adjust a button to accept or decline the finalized part of the negotiations would be good. So you can negotiate with multiple players at the same time. And you can pick the one who replayed sooner; or negotiated more reasonably according to the conditions and simply; the one who you could reach a good agreement first.

    I hope it be supported! I would be over the moon to see this or similar option would be adjusted to the game!!


  • love the idea. OSM should try it.

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    That's a nice idea))

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    That's absolutely logic, you're righ.. I support 100% youe idea !

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