What is the solution helped me to win this plan

  • It has been unable to find a solution to these plans

    I want a plan to counter the plan plays out a trainers
    It is 4231
    The tactics: defense desperately
    Pressure balance.
    Rapid scrolling.
    Shag acceptable
    After paying for
    Midfield supports the defense and attack supporting the middle.
    Or sometimes the attack is in order.

    The second plan.
    Playing on sides or assists
    Midfield supports the defense.
    Mental balance
    Pressure balance
    Quick Scroll
    Shag acceptable or violent

    They hope to respond with experience
    Note that players speeds in both plans exceed the 90 to the 100
    Keepers of the attack

  • @Goio11 Unfortunately there is no response to date

  • Hi, welcome.
    But we are not going to create a lot of topics for tactics, while ther already is one topic for tactics.